Funding for Class 1 and 3 Driver Training

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funding for truck driver training
2 Jul 2015

Funding for Truck Driver Training the facts

Funding for Truck Driver Training


Hi again everyone – well here’s an update toward the funding for truck driver training – we are happy to be partnered with PayBright financial – it’s an easy way to get the funding for the training you need for the job you want. All you do is fill out the online application (look under the financing tab) and you get a n immediate response – now don’t despair if you get turned down – we can request a manual review of your application. From there you start your training and as always you only take the amount of training you require – no hidden extras! Give us a call or take a look at the financing tab!

Hi everyone, one of the questions I get asked on a regular basis is about funding for truck driver training, While right now finances are tight and training budgets have been slashed there are the occasional students who are successful at acquiring funding through Alberta Works I always recommend students asking their workers if they are currently receiving EI benefits.


The other option is the Canada-Alberta job grant, this is employer driven – so if your employer is wanting you to upgrade your license they can apply for this – it does require your training to be at least 25 hours in length, however – if you combine courses such as your air brake with the driver training – it’s easy to get to the 25 hour mark and get the funding for truck driver training at a reduced cost.


For small employers it’s an easy way to get the training your staff needs at 1/3 the cost – I have included a link to the website and if you have any questions – please give me a call I’d be happy to share what I know! Over and out!

Canada-Alberta Job Grant Information