Home Alone Course Stettler

Home Alone Course Stettler


Does your child have a few friends the same age?? Well get them together and we will come out to you – we can arrange it for PD days, summer vacation. We book anywhere from 4-10 children at your home – all I need is a table and chairs. Give us a call to arrange your HOME ALONE PARTY! 


This home alone course is designed for the young person who is just starting to spend time at home by themselves. It is a Canada Safety council course that covers the following topics:

  1. Establishing a Routine
  2. House Keys
  3. Strangers don’t have to look strange
  4. the telephone – your lifeline
  5. Feeling Scared
  6. Emergencies including practicing 911 calls
  7. In Case of Fire
  8. Sever Storms
  9. Basic First Aid and Safety Tips
  10. Internet Safety

This is a half day course and can be paired with an emergency first aid course quite easily.