Construction Season is Coming

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23 Apr 2015

Construction Season is Coming and there are Truck Driving Jobs

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Construction Season is coming & trucks are needed:

Hey guys, Jim here, just letting everyone know that there are still lots of truck driving jobs out there.The changes in the season doesn’t mean that there isn’t work – you just have to find an alternative and having your class 1 or 3 allows you to drive several configurations of truck.  Even though the ‘patch’ has slowed down for break up and cut backs, construction season is firing up fast and there are truck driving jobs out there. There’s going to be truck drivers needed for construction jobs, gravel hauling, paving outfits, cement haulers, equipment haulers, even nurseries to haul sod etc. And don’t forget the farms need truck drivers too – so there are jobs and trucks aplenty if you have the right class license. 

So come on in and get your Class 1 (or) 3,  it will definitely open up more opportunities for you.

Over n’ out !