what level first aid do I need
16 Nov 2015

What level first aid do I need?

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What level first aid do I need? 

Hi everyone, there is a lot of confusion regarding what first aid level is required for different jobs. In truth there’s no easy answer but I will list the topics of each level of first aid that I teach and then you can hopefully make an educated decision as to what you require for your profession. I do caution you that not all first aid programs cover the same topics in each level – so if choosing another provider please find out what topics are covered.


Emergency First Aid (1 day course) CPR level ‘C’ AED

In this one day course we cover:

  1. Legal rights and responsibilities both at work and in public
  2. The need for CPR, Primary survey, recovery position and treating for shock
  3. Adult, Child and infant CPR ( this is level ‘C’  adult only is level ‘A’)
  4. AED (Automated External Defibrillation) this is now mandatory for all courses
  5. Partial and complete Airway obstruction
  6. Airway Emergencies (choking) conscious casualty
  7. Airway Emergencies – special circumstances
  8. Airway Emergencies – unconscious casualty
  9. Cardiovascular Emergencies
  10. Severe bleeding and amputation
  11. Fainting
  12. Wound care
  13. Burns
  14. Chemical and Electrical injuries

This concludes day one of Standard First Aid and provides the participant with an Emergency First Aid level ‘C’ AED certification

Standard First Aid level ‘C’ AED

  1. Secondary Assessment
  2. Head, spine and pelvic injuries
  3. Poisons Bites and stings
  4. Heat & Cold Emergencies
  5. Diabetic Emergencies
  6. Seizures
  7. Emergency Childbirth
  8. Bone and Joint injuries
  9. Review of First Aid kits

I hope this helps you choose what first aid course is right for you, please reach out to us if you have any further questions.